the uk’s 25 biggest charity mass participation events

the uk’s 25 biggest charity mass participation events

The massive Top 25 has reported on the UK’s most successful mass participation fundraising events since 2013 and is our original piece of events market insight.

Over the years, we have seen how events can motivate, engage and inspire people to fundraise like few other activities. So while 2016 has seen some fundraising methods struggle, the events in the massive Top 25 continue to grow. Demonstrating not just the power of events to engage supporters but also their importance in the overall fundraising mix.

In a crowded and competitive market, understanding trends and which events are performing best is more important than ever. So our 2016 report includes details on the growth we are seeing in virtual fundraising campaigns and what’s behind the most successful event innovations.

This year we have also launched our new report, the Sports Fundraising Market Snapshot. Which looks at the performance of the 25 most successful third party mass participation sports events and the growth in the wider events market.

If you would like to know more, are interested in developing your own mass participation event or want support to get your event into the top 25. Download the report and get in touch to start the discussion.

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